júl. 18., Szo | Church St. Catherine, Kremnica Castle

Körmöcbánya (Kremnica, SK), 24th European Organ Festiva, Kremnica Castel Organ 2020

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2020. júl. 18. 19:00
Church St. Catherine, Kremnica Castle, Zámocké námestie 10, 967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia


We welcome everyone on the 18th of July (Saturday) at 7 PM for the organ concert I am going to play as the part of The Festival Kremnica Castle Organ 2020 (Kremnicky hradny organ 2020) in the Church St. Catherine.


D. Buxtehude: Toccata D minor, BuxWV 155

J. S. Bach: Passacaglia and Fugue C minor, BWV 582

L. van Beethoven: Egmont, ouverure, opus 84

(transcribed by Zs. M. Mészáros)

C. Franck: Choral No.3 A minor, FWV 40

R. Wagner: Twilight of the Gods - Siegfried´s Funeral March (transcribed by Zs. M. Mészáros)

For more inforamtion, click here: http://www.kremnickyhradnyorgan.sk/kremnicky-hradny-organ.php?go=rsb-programme-3&lang=en

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